The Third Option

Pastor Miles' Message on The
Third Option

This video captures Pastor Miles’ message on The Third Option. This is the message he gave during the A Race For Unity event. Watch Pastor Miles speak from his heart about the hope for a racially divided nation. Length 52:41

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About the book

Experience the highest level of impact and breakthrough in helping to alleviate racial tension in our churches, communities, and country.

Pastor Miles McPherson’s book, The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation, offers guidance on this issue, by identifying the cultural influences that shape our attitudes on race, and explaining why we must honor the priceless value of God’s image in all people.

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The Third Option Challenge

In any disagreement, today’s culture has developed an "us vs. them" mentality, especially in situations where race is involved. Th e Third Option C hallenge was created to give you an opportunity to chose "The Third Option," by expressing you r lov e for someone who doesn’t look like you. It’s simple! Find a friend, neighbor, co - worker and show an expression of love to them through a hug, handshake, or words of affirmation . B e creative and have a little fun with the video! Be sure to use #thethirdoptionchallenge and at the end of your video c hallenge three people to post their own "The Third Option Challenge" video. Let’s change the narrative and show the world that there are more who have love for each other than hate!

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Simulcast Event!

Did you miss the simulcast or do you want to share the event with people? This video captures the entire event. Be a part of A Race For Unity from beginning to end. Length 2:42:29

The video of A Race For Unity in Spanish will be coming soon.
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Message, Small Groups
Discussion and Q&A

This video captures Pastor Miles’ message on A Race For Unity. It includes an example of how to have a small group discussion along with the guidelines as well as the Q&A portion of the event. Watch the message and hear Pastor Miles answer some important questions on the racial divide in this nation. Length 1:37:18

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Game Changer

Game Changer brings together community members, law enforcement, judicial and legislative branches of government for moderated focus groups. Together we discuss community problems and devise solutions. Dinner and event tickets are provided. Pre and Post perception surveys are completed by each participant to generate data.

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Mosaix Global Network

Mosaix is a relational network of pastors and planters, denominational and network leaders, educators, authors, and researchers alike, that exists to establish healthy multiethnic and economically diverse churches for the sake of the gospel in an increasingly diverse and cynical society, throughout North America and beyond.

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