Make a Difference

Help others discover
the hope of Jesus

When we seek the heart of the Father, He reveals more about who He is, which in return will show us more about who we are in Him. Grow in faith, walk in discipleship, and leverage your spiritual gifts, talents, and purpose to expand the kingdom of God and make an impact in the world around you.

Disciple's Pathway

Know God

Find Freedom

Discover Your Purpose

Make a Difference

Know God
The first step to making a difference is to Know God as your savior, which is easy as ABC (watch Know God video now). Once you know God as your savior, you need to know your identity in Him as a child of God.

Find Freedom
We cannot be as effective in impacting the world if we are still in bondage. This means believing the truth of who you are in Christ and removing any lies and obstacles of the enemy.

Discover Your Purpose
God created you with intention and for a purpose. Knowing what you are called to be will help you make a positive difference.

Make a Difference
Your next step is to use your gifts and passions to serve and minister to others. Start a ministry or be a part of what God is doing locally or around the world.

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In your pursuit to serve the Lord and make a difference in your family, workplace, church and community, below is a prayer to guide you along the way:

Do Something Disciple Prayer:
As a Do Something disciple, I am in a disciplined pursuit for the heart of the Father, a heart that is being perfected in love for God and people.

Father, give me a heart that:

  • Desperately seeks face-to-face intimacy with You
  • Faithfully avoids that which displeases You
  • Humbly embraces a Kingdom mindset
  • Values making disciples that make disciple

Jesus, create in me a heart that:

  • Values being guided by the Word of God
  • Gratefully grows in generosity
  • Nurtures a burden for lost people
  • Demonstrates a commitment to a Spirit-filled expression of my gifts

Holy Spirit, develop a heart in me that:

  • Gracefully gives and receives forgiveness
  • Passionately worships God
  • Is dependent on the power of prayer
  • Serves with humility

Father, with Christlikeness as my goal and the Holy Spirit as my guide, knit my heart with Yours. Fill my heart with Your passions, motivations, and desires. In Jesus’ name, amen.