The Third Option

The time has come to engage over racial tension. Both inside and outside the church, it is a topic widely recognized, yet rarely acknowledged. It’s time for us to rise above the issues that divide us and be part of something bigger.

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Miles McPherson is the pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, an author, a motivational speaker, and a former NFL football player.

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In a world where so much of what we consume seeks to distract, distort, and pull us away from God, Miles is providing a place to come to bring hope to your life.

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As part of the Rock Church, Miles has led hundreds of people to Christ, spoken across the country and led the community outreach efforts of the church.

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At each speaking event Miles brings a passion to bring the life changing hope of Jesus Christ to every street and person along with deep, relevant insights on today’s culture. Join Miles to be challenged, encouraged and inspired to bring hope to your life, family, workplace and community.

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