Pain doesn’t come from God

Pastor Miles said in his Sunday message that pain, trials, and evil, in his experience, are the primary reasons that people turn their back on God.

Countless people have told Pastor Miles that they stopped believing in God, and when he asks them why, the answer is often,“Because THIS happened.”

THIS refers to many things—the death of a family member, a sudden illness, infant mortality, etc. Ultimately, people view evil in the world as proof that God isn’t good, asking questions like, “If God is so loving, why is there so much pain in the world?”

“I’m loving, I gave you love, why is there so much pain?”

“He (God) wants to know the same thing,” answered Pastor Miles. “He’s like: ‘I’m loving, I gave you love, why is there so much pain?’”

God wants know why people are starving if He made enough food to feed everybody. After all, He created the planet and gave it the ability to produce enough food for everybody. Ultimately, starvation doesn’t exist in the world because of God—it exists because of man.