After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, His disciples preached boldly, performed miracles, prayed and fasted regularly, demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit, and evangelized to both near and far cities – all while being constantly persecuted for their faith. They were accused of “turning the world upside down”!

Yet somehow, the Christian life today often gets boiled down to rule-following and “being good.” Aren’t we called to so much more that that?

Miles McPherson shouts a resounding “YES!” in his 12-part DVD series, The Life – our gift to thank you for your donation to Rock Radio below. Based on the Book of Acts, The Life shows you what a life dedicated to Jesus really looks like: a relationship with a Man, and the transformation that takes place as you get to know Him!

So request your copy of The Life below when you give. And get ready to be challenged and inspired!


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