You’re not alone in your suffering

Jesus, the Son of God, suffered with you, as you do, and was tempted in every way as you are.

“Oh, He is with you! He feels what you feel,” said Pastor Miles.

When you are betrayed, He knows what that’s like. When your friends stab you in the back, He knows what that’s like – it happened to Jesus in public! When your child dies, the Father knows what that’s like. When you’re laying your life down to help someone and they turn their back on you, He knows what that’s like. When unfair stuff happens, or you’re criticized for stuff that you didn’t do, He knows what that’s like.

“And we’re sinners. He (Jesus) had no fault.”

He suffers with you. When you cry out to God in your pain, asking if He understands, the answer is always “yes.”

Jesus can absolutely get you through whatever you’re going through because, when He was suffering and praying, God reassured Him: “I got you!”

That doesn’t mean that it won’t be hard. Jesus’ pain killed Him. While you’re still alive, He will be with you and, if you die, you’ll get to be with Him.