Who’s kingdom do you live in?

The ruling principle on earth is control. In the world, people of influence acquire their power by exercising control.

“Our sinful nature wants to control, and to control you have to have power and win,” said Miles. “If you buy a skirt and someone else has got it, you gotta go get a better one. It’s just part of our sinful nature, ok?”

On the other hand, the ruling principle in heaven, which is God’s kingdom, is peace.

“And if you want to be great in God’s kingdom, you be a servant. It’s opposite!”

We even pray wrong, asking God to bless us by the worldly standard. We ask God to give us control so that we can win our battles. “And God’s like, ‘I’m not into your battle. I’m into my battle. So I want you to be about my kingdom.'”