What men and women really want

Godly men and women, in the end, handle their business.

Ladies, you have to decide: do you want a boy, or do you want a man? Some of you are dating 20-30 year-old boys. The difference is that men handle their business. Boys – whether old or young – don’t. They’re not interested in who God has called you to be. They’re not equipped to be able to invest in who God has called you to be.

And this doesn’t only happen with men. Some of you guys are dating 20 to 30 year-old girls. They’re little brats who want what they want but they don’t want what God wants for their life. It goes both ways equally.

In the modern dating scene, the only variable you can control is you. Don’t make exceptions, trying to manipulate a relationship into your life. If you do, you might have to compromise your faith and manipulate your life to accommodate that relationship.


Identify one area of your life where you’ve been behaving like a child. Ask yourself what would a godly man or woman do instead, and ask God for the strength to do what’s right. Become a godly man or woman, and handle your business.


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