What happens to your brain during sex

“When your neurons fire together they wire together,” said Miles in his Sunday message. Speaking of how the two hemispheres in our brain work together, Miles made the case that we were made for sexual unity to only one partner.

The right brain, which processes pleasure in the here-and-now, fires at the moment of sexual intimacy. The left brain, which among other things stores long-term memory, fires if it recognizes the person you’re experiencing sexual intimacy with. When both sides of the brain are firing simultaneously, that’s when the neurons wire together and we experience sexual intimacy the way God intended it.

“So, let’s say God unites you – two become one – and… when two become one, God bonds you together. Marriage is a bonding event. God binds you together!

Sexual intimacy or sex does two things:

  • It bonds your own brain together, and
  • It further unites you to your spouse, making you one, and cementing that oneness.

Experiencing that oneness is the fun, feel-good part. We often get focused mostly on that and forget about the bonding part. The Bible says two shall become one so God created you that you could actually become one with someone else.


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