Tori Kelly talks about American Idol rejection

Grammy Award-nominated artist Tori Kelly sat down with Pastor Miles McPherson at Rock Church on Sunday to discuss her path to fame and her walk of faith.

At one turn in the story, when she was still an aspiring singer / songwriter, Tori auditioned for American Idol, where she was rejected. Most notably, judge Simon Cowell described her voice “almost annoying.”

“Shout out to Simon if you’re watching!” she said, playfully. “Through all of that I came out so much stronger ’cause I had to, I had to experience that and I really felt like now looking back I can see God’s hand and being like… you’re gonna learn this from this… I’m shaping you to be who I want you to be.”

Sometimes God allows us to have failures because he wants to redirect our lives. Other times, our failures or trials are the means by which God purifies our hearts, refocusing us on Him


Identify an area of your life that may be experiencing rejection or failure. Ask yourself, “Is God trying to redirect my life or purify my heart through this?”


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