This topic Christians discuss sets them apart

After being absent from the pulpit for a few weeks to care for his family, Miles McPherson returned this Sunday to discuss how Christians, or Kingdom Warriors, must prophecy or speak of what God is doing, not what the devil is threatening to do.

“People who are hurt will speak hurtful things, people who are discouraged will speak discouraging things, but people who are full of the joy of the Lord are gonna speak joyful things – and you are either one or the other,” said Miles.

Christians must speak life and give a voice to the Holy Spirit, focusing not on the negative things that the devil is doing, but on the positive things that God is doing.


ANSWER: Do you consistently focus on what God is doing – the positive – or are you the kind of person that is always talking about the negative stuff that the devil is doing? Choose to focus on God’s work and speak life into people this week.


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