This is your number 1 purpose in life

“Your number one purpose in life is to have a relationship with God. Let’s keep it simple! People have babies so they can love the babies. God created people so He could love us. Let’s keep it simple!,” said Miles.

We weren’t created to go to school, get jobs, or make money. The purpose for which we were created was to have a relationship with God.

“Now, in the context of that relationship, He’s gonna show you your purpose. Are you following me?… You are purposed to glorify God! Now, He will use you to do things: sing, encourage people, teach, but it’s to glorify God in the end, not you.”

Over the course of this day, do something that will strengthen your relationship with God. Spend some time reading the Bible, praying, enjoying nature, or just listening – that’s what you were created for!”


Want to know God?