The spiritual responsibility of being a dad

“Whenever you get a new level of responsibility, you get new devils of adversity. With every new level, there’s a new devil,” said Miles in his Father’s day message at Rock Church.

Often, we covet the renown and status that we see in others, not knowing that with it came a lot of new responsibility and adversity.

One of the most important levels of responsibility is becoming a father, “because when you become a father, you inherit one of the titles of God: ‘FATHER,’ and you become a representative to your family of who God is.”

In other words, God allowed men to acquire the responsibility of fatherhood so that they would represent His heart to their children. Therefore, the perspective that children have of their dad will impact their perspective on God.


Answer the following: Which of your (earthly) father’s flaws have you also attributed to God? God is without fault and, if your relationship with Him is hindered by your relationship with your earthly father, you’re missing out! Ask God to heal your relationship with your earthly father, and ask Him to reveal to you the perfection of His love today.


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