The Holy Spirit: He’s not scary, He’s gentle

“Don’t be scared of God (or) the Holy Spirit,” said Miles, preemptively responding to a common fear of the Holy Spirit among Christians. “Don’t be scared, He’s gentle.”

In fact, the Holy Spirit manifested itself in Luke 3:22 in the physical form of a dove: “And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him…”

“It means He’s gentle.”

As he returned to San Diego, CA from vacation, Miles saw a dove land in a man’s hand. “I wanted to yell: ‘Is that your pigeon?’ Like, “You bring your own pigeons to the airport?”

Like pigeons – and most other animals for that matter – the Holy Spirit only comes to our lives if He’s comfortable with us and, for Him to be comfortable, so must we. The “Holy Spirit will manifest (and) reveal Himself in His power in your life if He feels comfortable with you,” said Miles.


Identify one area in your life that you’ve kept the Holy Spirit out of. Acknowledge that He is gentle, and welcome Him into that area of your life.