The devil is using issues of race to divide us

Following the Dallas, TX shootings, Pastor Miles gave a special message titled “Enough Is Enough.” In it, he encouraged the church to set their differences aside and do two things in the coming week. Find someone that doesn’t look like them and say:

1. “God loves you,” and

2. “Your life matters to Him

As the wounds of hate afflict our nation, the devil commands us to take sides. “To your corners!” That’s a boxing term for “Get ready to fight!” It is easy to (wrongly) believe that we must pick a side in the issue of race.

The truth is that there is only one right side to be on, and that’s God’s. Jesus himself said that the second greatest commandment is to “love your neighbor as yourself” [Mark 12:31]. We will only begin to enjoy the peace of God’s restoration and rid our nation of hatred and fear once we know and exhibit God’s perfect love.