Tell fear to “HOLD UP!”

Are you overcome with fear, crippled and stunted in your spiritual growth?

You need to proclaim the victory of God in your life. That’s how you overcome the spirit of fear. By speaking directly to it, saying, “In the name of Jesus, who came in the flesh, I proclaim His victory, past and future, in my life, over ____________.”

In other words, “In the name of Jesus, God got me off drugs, pornography, stealing, lying; God got me out of prison… He got me through!” To overcome fear in your life, you need to say that!

HERE’S WHY: because God has brought you through so many obstacles!
And when this spirit of fear starts saying, ‘you’re gonna be a failure,’
you just say “HOLD UP!

And then you recount the amazing miracles God has done in your life, telling fear about everything God has already gotten you through, believing that He will get you through hard times once again!


Identify one area in your life where you have allowed fear to control you. Tell the spirit of fear to “HOLD UP!,” and remind him (and yourself) of all the things God has already brought you through!


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