Sexual abstinence is an eternally old practice

Miles recently shared with a group his belief that people should wait until they are married to have sex, a statement that was met with laughter and disbelief by those listening.

It’s common for people to hear of this belief and express that they think it’s old-fashioned, but it’s more than that. It’s eternally old and forever true!

If someone chooses to live against God’s plan, there are always consequences.

In this case, pregnancy, disease, heartbreak, embarrassment or betrayal, the emotional and physical pain of abortion, a lower chance of actually getting married, and a lower chance of staying married are only some of the consequences that could occur.

God wants the best for us, yet often if we choose the opposite of His will according to the world’s practices and standards, we are still prone to blaming Him for our pain. We need to forget what the world is doing and obey God. Walking in God’s will brings about the fruits of the Spirit in our lives, as well as clarity of vision for who we are and who we are meant to be. Satan’s ways only bring about death, disease, and pain.