Philip Rivers talks about leaving San Diego

After a tough 2017 season that saw the club muster a 5-11 record, team ownership decided the time was right to move to Los Angeles.

Chargers long-time quarterback Philip Rivers recently sat down with Miles McPherson to discuss the move.

“At first, I think you go through that natural progression of sadness,” said Rivers. “(Sadness) about having to leave a place that I’ve called home for 13 years, and a community, a city that you feel close to, to move to the unknown, but it’s that natural progression, I’ve warmed up to it, you start to get excited about it because it’s happening, it’s gonna be here, and that’s the only way I know is to attack it, attack it head on and make the best of it.”

Miles, a former Charger and long-time San Diego resident him cut in, saying, “When you go to LA, the guys who are on the team, like, long like you, that will never be your home. This is your home.”

At that, the packed Rock Church sanctuary erupted in applause and a standing ovation.


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