Philip Rivers opens up about sex and purity

Chargers long-time quarterback Philip Rivers met his wife when they were both in middle school, and they married at age 19.

“…so how long were y’all an item?” asked Pastor Miles in a recent interview.

“Yeah, you know, remaining pure, being chase, was very important to us,” he replied. “Uh, obviously there wouldn’t be many other reasons to get married at 19 at that point…” At that, Miles (as well as the rest of the packed Rock Church sanctuary) erupted in laughter. “I didn’t have a penny to my name!,” continued Rivers.

Pastor Miles’ story of committing to sexual purity isn’t much different. “…when I got saved I said (to his now wife Debbie), ‘Now we’re gonna get married, we’re not gonna have sex until we get married,’ and we got engaged and married in 11 days.”

Both men made a commitment to sexual purity and obedience to God, and because of that, God has blessed their marriages.


If you haven’t already, choose to make a vow of purity today. No matter what you’ve done in the past, decide to honor God in your sexual life and control your impulses from here on out. Save yourself for your spouse, and your marriage will be blessed because of it!


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