Pain: Where does it come from?

We use the term trial to refer to things we dislike. Trials are something other than our wish or desire.

“In other words,” said Miles, “if someone steals your car but your car is a clunker, and you know you could get more money for it from insurance than you could sell it for, it’s not bad because you wanted it to happen!”

“But if your car is nice and you like your car and someone takes it, then it’s bad – it all depends on what you want.”

Any time we determine that something is bad it’s because we don’t want it. But when refer to things we dislike as bad, it becomes a misnomer. Ultimately, God’s judgment determines what is bad. Bad things are those that displease God.

“The devil is opposite of God. He’s gonna instigate in your life thoughts and actions and words that come out of your mouth that are… opposite the character of God, the heart of God, the love of God. That is the definition of bad, and the result is pain and evil.”