Miles McPherson: “Your Father just wants to love you.”

In a special Father’s Day message at Rock Church, Pastor Miles McPherson discussed the importance of a father when it comes to shaping a child’s perception of God.

“Fathers: You are setting the tone for how people are going to see me” (says God).

Everyone has a dad, but that relationship can take many shapes. Some are estranged from their fathers, some have lost their fathers, some are really close to their fathers, some are mad at their fathers – but everyone has a father. And every father becomes the lens through which their children see and understand God.

“…you must understand that God put a father in your life, and his job, his responsibility from God was to represent (God) to you…”

God wants dads to be good to their children because they represent Him, and God is good to us.

And God doesn’t want our relationship with Him to be based on performance. “He just wants to love you!”


If you are a father: Ask yourself if your relationship with your children will make them eager to develop a relationship with God. Ask God to give you the wisdom to represent Him well to your children.

If you’re NOT a father: Ask God to help you forgive your dad for the ways that he has misrepresented God. Ask God to reveal himself to you as He truly is, and let Him love you!


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