Miles McPherson: The only thing that will matter when you die

“Am I greedy? Am I selfish? Am I being faithful with my money? Am I being faithful with my time?” In his Sunday message, Miles encouraged the church to ask God these questions about themselves.

1 Corinthians 2:10 says that the Spirit of God, which searches all things, reveals those things to us through His Spirit. When we are able to humble ourselves and ask God to reveal our faults to us, His Spirit is able to reveal them.

Once the Spirit of God reveals our faults to us, it is on us to “run” and implement the necessary changes in our lives. “Get it out of your life, and say ‘Lord, I want to pursue – with Holy Spirit passion – righteousness in my life!”

We need to desire to be men and women that are characterized by their faith, generosity, forgiveness, peace, and love, holding this life lightly because we know we will one day die and face God with nothing. On that day, the only thing we will have is our faith in God.