Jordin Sparks on recommitting her life to God

After two straight nights of partying, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks woke up on Easter Sunday to a text from her cousin Levi, reminding her of their plans to go to go to church together.

“I got ready the fastest I think I’ve ever gotten ready in my life, I showed up at 9:28, service started at 9:30, and I walked in and I remember seeing the screen and it said “WE’RE GLAD YOU MADE IT,” and I… just remember going, ‘Ok, I feel something here that I haven’t felt before…'”

Just as the pastor was wrapping up his message, he said, “It’s never too late to come back home.”

Like Jordin, many of us toil in our own strength, trying to live better and do better, failing again and again. In the end, we find ourselves broken and lost, and in need of salvation.

If you – like Jordin was that Easter Sunday – are at the end of your rope, and you’d like to ask God to take control of your life, click the link below.


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