Jordin Sparks: God can open a door right where you’re at

Miles was recently joined on stage by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.

Because of win, people often asked her for advice, especially for those who were planning on auditioning for the show: “…my thing was like look,” she said, “the good thing is when a door is closed you can see which one is open, which one you’re supposed to go through… doors, windows, basement doors… all those things can be shut and you can see the one you go to.”

“…sometimes you won’t have clarity because so many things are open to you. You’ve got to kind of be specific, right? So when the door closes that’s good ’cause you just go ‘alright, that one wasn’t for me, what other way can try?'”

We’re all in process. Because of that, it’s common to feel lost, confused, stressed, burdened, or life we’re not in God’s will. But, fortunately, it’s never too late! Wherever we are in the process, God can open a door right where we’re at.

Ask God to close a door before you today, and that you’ll have the wisdom to know He’s pointing you in a new and better direction.


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