“It’s time to WORSHIP!”

It’s time for you and us to go beyond the commercial holiday of Christmas and worshipping. What does worshipping mean? It’s a response of respect when the character of God is revealed – and even the demons do it!

In the Bible, whenever Jesus approached a demon-possessed person, the demon-possessed person got on his knees, bowed, and said, “I know who you are.”

And Jesus never had to say, “get on your knees!” They just did it because they knew who Jesus was. Why? Because the demons were angels in heaven. They knew exactly who He was and they knew that one day He would judge them into hell. The reverence that that knowledge evoked in them, that’s worship!

And yet we come to church and stand for worship like, “get it over with.” It’s time to worship! It’s time to say, “God I acknowledge where you are and I acknowledge who I am NOT. Your character has been revealed to me through the Bible, and I can’t help but respond with respect and worship!”