Navy SEAL reveals key to becoming a good soldier

In a recent Sunday message, Navy SEAL Jeff Bramstedt recalled his training days and the moment when he realized that, in order to be a good soldier, he needed to be more than strong. He needed to be hard.

As Jeff put it, “anybody can do pushups when you know how many you gotta do, but when you don’t know where the end is and you gotta keep on going, that’s someone who’s hard.”

“We had so many guys come to our football team, and all throughout my life… 15 years of football… seeing guys come big, but they were soft,” said Miles.

In other words, we become strong by exercising and slowly increasing our capacity, whether it be in relationships, in sports, in our commitment to our job, or even our faith.

But, though having a stronger body, or becoming a better spouse or parent by slowly expanding your capacity to love, give, forgive, and serve is a good thing, God also calls us to be hard. That means that, even when it seems impossible or unbearable, you forgive beyond what you think you can forgive. You love beyond what others deserve, you give beyond what you can give, you serve beyond what you think is needed.

We don’t know our limit or real capacity, and the only way to find out what God is capable of doing in and through us is to be hard and just keep going even when our strength fails.


Identify one area in your life where you have been giving a half effort. Ask God to take help you to love, forgive, give, or serve beyond your own strength. Ask him to make you hard!


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