Is sex bad? Well, what’s the fruit of it?

We live in a sexually-deviant, ‘free’ culture, where you can argue whether their sexual practices are right or wrong.

To know whether your sexual practices are right or wrong, all you have to do is evaluate the fruit of those practices is. “Are you getting disease? Are you getting your heart broke? Are you ruining your ability to think about one person?” asked Miles in his Sunday message. If any of those things are happening, then your sexual practices are probably not right.

God invented sex, and made men and women compatible with each other so that they could enjoy intimacy and be united to one another. It was not designed to harm you!

Even if your sexual practices only involve consenting adults, that doesn’t make them right.

CHALLENGE: Look at the fruit of your sexual practices. Are they good? If not, what can you change so that you’re doing things God’s way? Don’t settle for second-best.


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