How to Share Your Story, Day 7 – Hell Week

Day 7: Hell Week

The Navy SEALS are the best-trained warriors in the world, and they train in San Diego, California. During their training, they have a regimen called “hell week,” which consists of swimming, running, climbing, blowing stuff up, sinking stuff, shooting, and not sleeping for days on end. They do all of that so that, when the time comes, they’re prepared to save our lives.

There are people that you know, people you interact with on a daily basis, that need you. They’re lost without you. The question is: How far are you willing to go to share the life-saving gospel with them? What sacrifice are you willing to make to help save them from hell?

Those 3 friends whose names you wrote down on the very first day are currently in the hell line, unless they were saved since Day 1. If they were to die today, they would be separated from God forever. How much you care for those 3 friends is directly related to what you do to move them from the hell line to the heaven line.

Over the last 6 days, you’ve learned how to talk about the transformation that God has brought about in your life. Today is the day where you turn that information into practice, getting over your fear, picking up the phone or driving over to a friend’s house, and share your story.

There’s nothing more compelling to someone who doesn’t know God than to see a life undeniably transformed. Your story is powerful! You need to use it. Share it with confidence. Romans 10 says that the feet of those who bring good news are beautiful.

Your testimony is so powerful that it can overcome the works of the devil (see Revelation 12:11)! Share your story with confidence and boldness, knowing that the power of God will flow through it.

Today’s challenge is to:

1. Practice sharing your story with the remaining friend on the list your created Day 1. Do so with confidence, knowing that God’s power will flow through you!

2. Text the word ‘SHARE’ to 52525 and follow the prompts on your phone.

3. Continue sharing the good news of what God has done in your life until the day you die.

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