How to Share Your Story, Day 6: Since Then

Day 6: Since Then

One day, a man found a mangy dog. The little hair he had covered his body in patches, one of his eyes didn’t work, and he couldn’t fetch like a normal dog because of a broken leg. So the man took the dog in, and nurtured him back to health. He gave him some Rogaine® and got the dog’s hair to grow back, he patched up the bad eye, and put the broken leg in a splint so that it would heal. Before long, the dog was fetching like a pro.

But once he was healthy, the dog ran away. The man who nurtured the dog back to health was indignant, wondering how the dog could repay his kindness with so much ingratitude.

A few days later, the man heard a scratching at the door, and opened it to find that first dog had returned with a different sick, mangy dog. It was as if the first dog had returned to the streets to tell his friend of all the love and care he had received from the man, and how he was nurtured back to health. His transformation was undeniable. After all, he went from being a nasty dog to being a healthy dog.

John 9 tells the story of Jesus healing a man who was born blind. After he was healed, he started talking about the miracle and all that Jesus had done for him. When Jesus’ critics heard the blind man’s story, they accused Jesus of being a sinner. The man who used to be blind said (in verse 25), “Whether He is a sinner or not I do not know. One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

Step 3 of sharing your story is called “SINCE THEN.” This is where you describe how Jesus has changed your life. It’s as simple as sharing that 1 thing you know about how God changed your life.

Today’s challenge is to:

1. Follow the link to the “My Story” guide below, and complete the “SINCE THEN” section.

2. Continue praying for your 3 friends as you fill in the “My Story” guide.

3. Practice sharing your story with another one of the 3 friends you’ve been praying for. Remember to share that 1 thing you know about how God changed your life.

4. Text the word ‘SHARE’ to 52525 and follow the prompts on your phone.

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