How to Share Your Story, Day 5 – Then Jesus

Day 5: Then Jesus

Pastor Miles was at a dance in college when, all of a sudden, a stunningly beautiful girl walked into the room. He was captivated. Immediately, he turned to one of his friends and said, “I’m going to marry that girl right there” even though he hadn’t ever seen her before.

After watching her dance a few songs with one of his teammates, Pastor Miles “made his move”. They danced the night away, and started dating that very next week.

Pastor Miles can remember every detail about that night: where he was, what he was thinking, and how he felt.

Step 2 to sharing your story is called “THEN JESUS.” It consists of recounting the moment when you gave your life to Christ. Be specific about it, describing where you were, what you felt, and who was there with you during that moment.

That girl from the story Pastor Miles told is now his wife of 30+ years, but getting together wasn’t easy! The first time Pastor Miles asked her to dance, she said “no.” Pastor Miles had to insist and be persistent before she finally accepted. And then, at the end of the night, she refused to give him her phone number. When he asked her how he would ever see her again, she simply said, “you’ll figure it out.”

The point is that you have to practice and persist in sharing your faith, no matter the result. Failure is not determined by whether or not someone asked Jesus to be their Savior. Failure is deciding not to share your story at all.

Pastor Miles and his wife would never have gotten together if it weren’t for his persistence. Your friends will never know Christ unless you tell them and are willing to be persistent, even if they say no.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Today’s challenge is to:

1. Follow the link to the “My Story” guide below, and complete the “THEN JESUS” section (with your 3 friends in mind).

2. Practice sharing your story with one of the three friends you’ve been praying for.

3. Continue praying for your 3 friends, who you’ll soon be sharing your story with.

4. Text the word ‘SHARE’ to 52525 and follow the prompts on your phone. There is no easier way to share the gospel!

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