How to Share Your Story, Day 4 – I Was

Day 4: I Was

Pastor Miles once met a man who lost his wife and children because he had an affair with another woman. When asked how that was working out, he began to weep. He couldn’t help but realize that his sin was causing him so much pain and suffering.

Romans 3:23 reminds us that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Romans 6:23 says that the penalty of our sin is death, which is painful and ugly. Since we have all sinned, we’re all spiritually dead because our sin brings death to our relationships, opportunities, perspective, and even our health.

Step 1 to sharing the gospel is being able to share your story, what God has done in your life. This step is called “I WAS,” and it’s when you admit your sinful ways of the past and tell of the pain that your sin caused you. Describe your need for God’s forgiveness.

Describe what your life was like before you knew Christ. Were you lonely? Depressed? Addicted? Prideful? Additionally, describe what you were doing to try to fill the emptiness in your heart. Were you self-medicating with promiscuity? Drugs? Alcohol? Were you lashing out with outbursts of anger?

Today’s challenge is to:

1. Follow the link to the “My Story” guide below, and complete the “I WAS” section.

2. Continue praying for your 3 friends, who you’ll soon be sharing your story with.

3. Text the word ‘SHARE’ to 52525 and follow the prompts on your phone. There is no easier way to share the gospel!

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• The “My Story” guide

• International Text to Share instructions

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