How to Share Your Story, Day 3: Daddy Issues

Day 3: Daddy Issues

Pastor Miles’ grandson has a serious daddy issue. He loves his dad, and loves running and throwing himself into his dad’s arms. His dad is one of his favorite people in the whole world because he’s the most powerful male role model in his young life, and the single greatest source of affirmation. At his age, he has no idea what a blessing it is to have a father who is involved in his life and loves him.

Like Pastor Miles’ grandson, we were made to respond positively to the love of our Heavenly Father. In fact, we were designed to find complete satisfaction in His love.

Our relationship with our earthly father is so critical to our development that growing up without one at home is proven to negatively affect a child’s perception of self and their understanding of right and wrong. So much so that fatherless homes are responsible for:

• 63% of youth suicides

• 71% of high school dropouts

• 85% of children with behavioral issues

• 85% of youth in prison

• 90% of homeless and runaway children

Just as being disconnected from your earthly father negatively affects you, being distant from your Heavenly Father will have a negative impact on your life—especially from a spiritual perspective. People who are disconnected from their Heavenly Father will question who they are, who they were meant to be, why they exist, and what their eternal destiny is.

Romans 8:15-17 says that we “received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, ‘Abba, Father’” (or daddy). We are children of God!

Yesterday’s devotional taught that God wants us to join His family. The reason He wants people to join His family is so that He can become their Father.

The 3 friends whose names you wrote down on the first day have spiritual daddy issues. God wants to heal those issues so that He can welcome your friends into His family.

Today’s challenge is to:

1. Continue praying for your 3 friends, that God would prepare their hearts to receive Him.

2. Text the word ‘SHARE’ to 52525 and follow the prompts on your phone. There is no easier way to share the gospel!

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