How to share the gospel with the people you love

As a part of the ALL IN sermon series, Pastor Miles McPherson has interviewed key Rock Church ministry leaders, reporting on the work God has been doing in and through the church over the last two years.

This past Sunday, Pastor Luke Bajenski gave an update on Global Outreach, and told the powerful stories of Daniel’s recovery in Haiti, Sara’s healing in Uganda, and Moises’ ministry in Oaxaca, Mexico. Pastor Miles summarized Luke’s message in the Instagram post below:

Scroll through the photos for a recap of @rockchurchglobaloutreach's update from Sunday, and celebrate the work God is doing throughout the world! • PHOTOS 2️⃣-4️⃣: Daniel was abandoned in Haiti as a baby. He landed in Rock Church’s orphanage, where he is growing up healthy and being taught that God has a purpose for his life. • PHOTO 5️⃣: Our super kitchen in Haiti feeds 1,000 kids like Daniel every day. • PHOTO 6️⃣: Sara, a Muslim woman, was one of 1,000 people who gathered at our medical clinic in Uganda. She never got to the medical team because the prayer team found her first, and she was healed of her fever. She gave her life to God, and returned the next day with her siblings who did the same. • PHOTOS 7️⃣-8️⃣: Moises was lost, but found his way into @impactomx, Rock Church’s discipleship school in Oaxaca, Mexico. Since then, he has planted 2 churches among the Triqui tribe, taking the gospel to places it had never gone before. . . . . . #allin #imALLIN #saveequipsend #pervasivehope #mission #outreach

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Marcus Stallworth also gave an update on Digital Evangelism, which is responsible for 400,000 salvations in 2017 alone. For comparison, in the first 10-12 years of Rock Church’s existence, they recorded 80,000 salvations.

“So you may be saying, ‘What’s that got to do with me?,'” said Pastor Miles. “A couple things… You have the ends of the Earth right here at your fingertips in technology… (and) right here in your mouth through prayer.”


If you have received God’s salvation, then you have a responsibility to also be His witness. Ask yourself: How can I use what God has given me (my time, my knowledge and my resources) to be a witness for Him?

To find out how you can participate in Rock Church’s Global Outreach or Digital Evangelism efforts, simply text the word GLOBAL to the number 52525. Outside the U.S.,


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