Have you been worshipping the devil this whole time?

Miles McPherson wrapped up the Kingdom Warrior messages series discussing worship, which is simply a response of respect when the character of something or someone – in this case God – is revealed.

A Kingdom Warrior has made a predetermined decision that he or she will only worship God. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter how stressed they are – Kingdom Warriors only worship God.

This is so hard because the devil is always trying to get us to respect him because of his threats and his promises for money and power. And how exactly to we respect him? By disobeying God and obeying the devil instead.

But, even when tempted, Kingdom Warriors can keep their eyes on the good things that God is doing and not become entangled with what the devil is threatening to do.


Identify one of area of your spiritual life where the devil has distracted you from what God is doing. Ask yourself: “How can I refocus on God in this area?”


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