Goodbye, Chargers

By Miles McPherson

When someone dies, one of the most powerful things you can do is to simply sit with the family of the deceased. Despite the pain, spending time talking about the past and just being together can comfort and reassure them that you got their back. It’s a powerful form of medicine. San Diego, we just lost a member of our family.

In 1982, the Chargers brought me to San Diego and I became a part of their family—the most influential family in America’s finest city. I have incredible memories of those years, like being coached by Don Coryell and playing with Dan Fouts and 2005 playoff game against the Jets. I’ll never forget the honor it was to officiate Junior Seau’s funeral at the Q. Like you, I’m heartbroken that it’s all over.

However, I do understand that the depth of my sadness and disappointment is reflective of the intensity of my love for the Chargers.

So let me encourage you; don’t throw away the jersey, the pictures, the memories. Never, ever forget that the touchdowns, tackles, interceptions and the cannon were very real. The sense of family—that Charger experience that brought us all together—is very real. I pray that in the future, when we talk about our team, we choose to dwell on the many good moments and not let this sad transaction spoil the Bolt experiences.

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