“You should focus on the message that is being communicated”

Pastor Miles has been learning Spanish, which, as he put it, is a life-long process. “¬°Tantas palabras!” – he said, which means “so many words!” The verbs in particular, he said, are super difficult.

The hardest thing he has run into as he learns Spanish is understanding other people when they speak to him in Spanish, which is a very important component of fluency. After all, you need to understand what people are saying to you in order to have a conversation with them.

In an attempt to help him become more conversational, his Spanish teacher recommended that he try to understand the message that people are trying to communicate to him rather than translate each individual word.

This, he says, is particularly helpful in Spanish, where grammar is often in the reverse order of what it would be in English.

And by the way: we shouldn’t say that other languages are “backwards,” they’re just different from ours.

One of the most frequent questions Pastor Miles gets is: “What Bible translation do you use?” The short answer is New King James Version (NKJV).

“Instead of focusing on one translation, you should be focusing on the message that is being communicated,” said Pastor Miles.

We can get really hung up on individual words and language but, at the end of the day, every translation is just that: a translation. There is no original English.

For that matter, there is no original Greek or Hebrew, either. The original message is God himself. Everything communicated to us through the Bible is through a translation.

Instead of focusing on the Bible’s translation, we should focus on the Bible’s message.