Don’t wait until you’re “chewed up” to put God first

The tomato frog is bright red and endemic to Madagascar. When it feels threatened, it can secrete a substance through it’s skin that gums up the eyes and mouth of a predator that may have the frog in it’s mouth.

“It’s a pretty good defense for like different things, like a mosquito ughh just kill the mosquito, but if I’m getting chewed up – I’m chewed up! I’m alive, but I’ve been chewed up for 5 minutes, but now he spits me out and I’m hopping around on one leg because I’m all chewed up! Are y’all following me?” said Miles.

“Some of y’all do that! Y’all get up and you spend all your day getting beat up all day and then another day, another week, another year and then you say, ‘God, please help me!’ But you’re already beat up!”

Don’t wait until you’re all chewed up to involve God in your life!


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