Discover why your temptations always push your “button”

In his Sunday message, Miles talked about temptations. We all encounter them, and they’re the work of the devil, who’s name is Satan. His ultimate goal is to keep as many people as possible from knowing God and discovering the life of hope that they were created for.

The way that the devil keeps people from knowing God is by tempting them. All temptations are purposed to separate people from God, which will ultimately cause them pain. And, because the devil is strategic and smart, he tempts every person in the area that they’re weakest, because he understands everyone’s “button.”

“The devil… he understands your button.”

Whatever you’re into—sexual stuff, money stuff, comfort, or material things—that’s where the devil is going to tempt you.

“It’s not rocket science!”

Through positive reinforcement, the devil conditions people to succumb to temptations. By giving them what they want, he causes them to commit actions that are against God’s will. These actions are called sin, and sin separates people from God.

Because of this, it’s necessary to know yourself, understanding your own appetite and weaknesses. “The devil is going to tempt you right there! He’s not going to waste his time tempting you with something you don’t want,” said Miles.

Finally, when the devil does tempt people, his timing is perfect to maximize the impact of their pain. Are you prepared to resist temptation when it comes your way?