Church is just the “huddle”

Football is back!

Entering the 3rd week of NFL preseason play, football season is upon us.

Being a former NFL player, Miles is a huge fan of the game. After asking how many of those in attendance at Rock Church didn’t really care about the return of football, he jokingly assured them they’d have an opportunity to be saved a few minutes later.

The point the play, not the huddle

During a football game, it’s common for the teams that are playing to huddle up in between plays. In that huddle, they call the play and make sure everyone is on the same page – but football isn’t about huddles, it’s about plays!

Similarly, Christians regularly get together for church – but Christianity isn’t just about church. The actual play happens when “when the Kingdom of God is declared and demonstrated in your life and through your life,” explained Miles. “When you gossip less, you judge less, you speak life, you have more pure thoughts, and then, it’s expressed to other people that’s the Kingdom of God!”


Examine your own life. Have you let the “play” (God establishing His Kingdom in your life) take a backseat to the “huddle” (church)? If so,
ask Him to help you set your priorities straight.


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