Church is about getting people to obey God

When we see bad things happen in our lives, it’s because someone did what they shouldn’t have done and/or we did something we shouldn’t have done.

“And here’s the great equalizer—if you decide to just do what God tells you to do, now you’re on a path to dealing with it,” said Pastor Miles in his Sunday message, the first in a series that deals with the issue of pain.

Church services have a lot going on. Every Sunday that we go to church, we enjoy worship, videos, announcements, and lights, and we listen to a preacher who’s “yelling his guts out,” but it’s all in an attempt to get us to do one thing: obey God.

The purpose of Christian church services is for people to encounter God, have their hearts changed so that they become more like Him, and finally, that they act more like Him.

True faith is proven when we’re able to look at all the drama in our lives and decide that, in spite of it all, we’re going to obey God.