2 Traits of a Kingdom Warrior

In his first week back after vacation, Miles McPherson began the new Rock Church original series, Kingdom Warrior.

In it, he described that there are two competing kingdoms in the spiritual realm: first, there’s the kingdom of God, and second, there’s the kingdom of the devil. God’s kingdom represents and pursues love, holiness, righteousness, peace, joy, freedom, eternal life, victory, and all the fruits of the Spirit, but Satan’s kingdom opposes everything about God’s kingdom.

Kingdom Warriors are fierce, relentless, trained, disciplined fighters who fight on behalf of the kingdom of God, and destroy the works of the devil. These Kingdom Warriors have a prayer, which you can read in it’s entirety below.


Heavenly Father, as a Kingdom Warrior my desire is to demonstrate the kingdom of God with my life, destroying the works of the devil.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I must have a clear understanding of my identity in Christ. My identity will dictate the authority and power you have given me.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I cannot fulfill my mission without the Spirit of God moving through my life. Therefore, Holy Spirit, I give You permission to fill me with a powerful anointing. Fall upon me and equip me as a warrior for the battle.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I must have a renewed mind in order to take every thought captive, dwelling only on thoughts that are acceptable to You.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I will create an atmosphere of faith by speaking life to everyone I meet.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I will review every situation from Your perspective, focusing on what You are doing more than Satan is doing.

As a Kingdom Warrior, my hands must carry the powerful anointing of God that breaks the spiritual chains on people’s lives.

Two points of emphasis from that prayer were:

  • Kingdom Warriors focus on what God is doing instead of what the devil is doing: Even when others focus on the negative, Kingdom Warriors choose to look to God, and focus on His works above everything else.
  • Kingdom Warriors use their hands to bless: “This is a tool of power for God. POWER!,” said Miles. Kingdom Warriors understand the power that they have in their hands, and they use that power to break the spiritual chains of the devil in their own lives, and that of others.


  1. Identify one area where you’ve been focusing on the negative (what the devil is doing) more than the positive (what God is doing). Ask God to show you His perspective today.
  2. Identify one relationship where you haven’t been using your hands to bless someone. Ask God to help you, and decide in advance to begin using your hands to break the spiritual chains in that person’s life.


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